Taiseiplas celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2010.

For the past 50 years, as a professional group of the blow molding and to meet the variety of the needs of the products focused on the automobile production, we have suggested “the product shape and production method” to the customer, and we have promoted the higher quality and lower cost manufacturing.

And regarding the manufacturing bases, to meet the customer needs, we have expanded the manufacturing bases with a central focus on Aichi prefecture domestically, from Iwate prefecture in the northeastern region of Japan to Kyushu Fukuoka in the south of Japan, and also to Thailand on an international basis.

In the future, considering recent environment of the domestic manufacturing, we will aim to move up as a company and make further improvements in the current technology. And also we will develop and establish new technologies that nobody can do except us and we will make an effort to be the only one company with the technologies.

Considering safety, quality and environment, we will work on the development of product and technology by harmonizing society, environment and local community, and we aim to be a company to contribute global society

Your continued support and guidance will be greatly appreciated in the future.

Takashi Goto, President