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Why we can give you benefits by helping you from the design stage?

We can do it because we know everything about blow molding.

Usually a manufacturer starts to manufacture products based on the drawing which designed by design firm. That is a problem. There is a big difference in the production efficiency depending on whether the products are designed with consideration for the manufacturing process or without it. If the production efficiency is bad, the working procedures and labor cost will be increased and that will affect the product cost.

Manufacturing the products including design can reduce the cost and it makes our customers satisfied by our product making.

We can provide consultation with our expert know-how from the drawing stage.

Having the blow molding of synthetic resin products as a feature, we take a prompt action on a variety of industrial needs by working on development of a new technology and further improvement of manufacturing system. This is our basic stance. We work on a variety of themes such as high quality of product, cost reduction and reduction in weight, and deal with the drawing and mass production with careful consideration.

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Achieved improvement of the productive facilities and high-mix and low-volume production

In this age of individualization and diversification, it would not be an exaggeration to say that high-mix and low-volume production is like life for a company. We have read the trend of time fast, and promoted the maintenance and improvement of productive facilities. As a result, we achieved the production system that we can meet a variety of customer’s needs for the product volume from small unit to big order in a unit of lot that has harried delivery date. Our mission is to respond promptly and adequately to the required quality. We will continue to improve our service for a new era and strengthen the service further.







Molding Machine list (in Japan)

Machine type Maker Model Corresponding product (example) quantity
Blow molding machine Placo DA120 Bumper protector, Large duct (PP、PE) 1
  Japan Steel Woks NB40 Large inlet air cleaner, Instrument panel duct (PP, PP talc, PE) 1
  Placo DA90 Spoiler, integrated instrument panel duct (ABS,PE) 2
  Placo SB75 Reserve tank (PP) 1
  Placo DA75 Resonator (PP) 2
  Placo DAE75 Hybrid buttery cooling duct (PP) 5
  Placo SB65 Inlet air cleaner, resonator,(EPDM, Nylon glass) 7
  Placo DA65 Inlet air cleaner, Resonator (EPDM, Nylon glass) 1
  Japan Steel Woks JEB7 Fuel hose (Nylon) 1
  Placo S50 Float ball (PE) 3
  Tahara MB-70E/55L-A
(Single head type)
Reserve tank (PP) 1
  Placo AO75 Inlet air cleaner, Instrument panel duct (PP,PE) 1
Lifter blow molding machine Placo ALH-75 *Feature: High cycle molding is available for a thin-wall product 2
3d molding machine Placo 2XY 3D shape product and two-layer (Hard / Soft material) molding are available. 1

In addition, various kinds of molding machines are placed in the Japanese and overseas subcontract factories such as blow molding machines (50-120 mm), injection molding machines (horizontal type100-650t and vertical type 150t)